Fleshlight Discount Promo Code for 50% Off

Fleshlight discount promo codes don’t come by often so when they do, it’s wise to jump on them!

If you’re not familiar with the Fleshlight, it’s a discreet male sex toy sleeve that stores in a case that looks like a large flashlight, hence the name. It’s the most popular such toy for men due to its ultra-realistic skin feel and the choice of various moulds made from the bodies of everyone from pornstars to celebrities, also known as Fleshlight Girls.

You can read more about it and the various offerings or see it in action here.

But getting back to business, Fleshlight is currently running its special Spring Fling promo sale and they’ve released a 50% off discount coupon! These come by once every few years don’t miss your chance to grab your favorite beauty sleeve for half price.

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