PlayboyPlus Discount: Get A Login for $1

Unless you’ve been living a very sheltered life, you probably know all about Playboy: the men’s brand that led the sexual revolution and made it cool for celebrities, athletes and women to go naked.

A few years ago, Playboy launched PlayboyPlus. A digital version of its magazine aimed squarely at men. Imagine the magazine in motion but even better with ALL the photos, extra unedited high resolution shots and perfectly edited videos from behind the scenes of each shoot.

In fact, it boasts over 100,000 photos, 4,000 hotties and videos in stunning HD 1080p. Now Playboy is making an extra push at getting new users to experience it’s picture perfect women and nudity.

They’ve released a PlayboyPlus discount code that will get your physical engine running for the grand total of $1.

Sound too good to be true? Try it for yourself.

Simply click through this link to activate, go to the checkout, select the special right most option that now shows up for $1 and you’ll see the total for your membership, which activates instantly, is $1.

That’s less than the price of a coffee. Just make sure you don’t make a mess when you spill.